10 Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

Broadband and information technology are powerful factors in small businesses reaching new markets and increasing productivity and efficiency. However, businesses need a cybersecurity strategy to protect their own business, their customers, and their data from growing cybersecurity threats. 1. Train employees in security principles Establish basic security practices and policies for employees, such as requiring…

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Security awareness training: An educational asset you can’t be without

The onset of COVID-19 accelerated growth of the digital nomad. No longer just for bloggers and influencers, the global workforce is increasingly becoming more highly connected and widely dispersed. As workforces become more globally linked, businesses large and small need to protect themselves from evolving threats. Employees represent the first line of defense from malicious…

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Can your business stop social engineering attacks?

Social engineering attacks like phishing, baiting and scareware have skyrocketed to take the top spot as the #1 cause of cybersecurity breaches. So what makes social engineering so effective? When cybercriminals use social engineering tactics, they prey on our natural instinct to help one another. And as it turns out, those instincts are so strong…

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Tech Support – The SpirIT way!

As a Nation, we have experienced many challenges both personally and professionally and being able to adapt how we work to face these challenges is key to the future success of any organisation. This is certainly the case when it comes to technical support as the landscape has changed and continuously changes. We have seen…

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IASME set to relaunch their flagship information security standard

The IASME Cyber Assurance Standard, formerly known as the IASME Governance Standard will be released on 25th July 2022 with a refreshed focus, rebranded name and revised logo. Built upon the solid foundations of the original standard, the update comes to ensure the standard remains relevant to recent changes in technology. With the huge shift from…

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Security as a service


In recent months there has certainly been a focus on vigilance and the increased need for cyber security is apparent. SpirIT has partnered with Cyber Lab to offer affordable and comprehensive security solutions to charities. In the main this has included Cyber Essentials Certification (CE/CE+), security awareness training and now, following numerous requests from clients,…

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Cyber War – Is your charity prepared?


Make no mistake, we are witnessing unprecedented times. In our lifetime, we have never faced the aspects of war that we do today. None of us want to be the weak link against the global cybercrime syndicates, so immediate action is required to protect your organisation. Whether attacks are against charities, SME’s or our core…

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Cyber Security tips for small charities

IT consultancy

In the past, many small charities believed that they were unlikely to be targeted by hackers and based this purely on their size and revenue. However, they have since realised that they are prime targets due to many of these charities not having sufficient protection in place and limited inhouse technical knowledge. Of course, working…

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