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Security - Protect & Prevent

We use our security skills to advise clients, unlocking and hardening systems, identifying and removing infections and spy software. Our security solutions are in place for retail chains across the UK as well as small to medium organisations and individuals. We are ISO27k experts and have consulted on PCI compliance for Pizza Hut and ISO for Payzone as well as providing reactive security advice for UN agencies.

Disaster Recovery Plans & BCM

Our DR and BCP work is used by governments across the globe to provide city safety and protect people as well as businesses. We work to increase availability of key systems and introduce designs that are inherently robust - it's not as hard or expensive as you might think.

Network - Support & Design

This is our core skill, with three Cisco Experts (3 x CCIE) in house and a strong partnership with Cisco we are able to provide support, design and monitoring solutions. Having come from a banking & finance background we understand that the network is the base block of any reliable organisation - often a network needs tuning, not upgrading. 

Server Systems & Cloud

We implement Microsoft and Linux server solutions to provide organisations with application, email, file and print sharing capabilities. Servers now offer plenty of software that allows secure remote working - so if its storage or speed you need, we can select a suitable model - blade or standalone to suit your needs, hosted if necessary.

Support - SafeGuardIT

This is another key for any business, we are absolutely fanatical about support - please see the ratings on our last 100 tickets below. We process hundreds of tickets every month from all kinds of users. The attitude of the support team is - get it fixed properly, keep people informed. We use a combination of remote support and onsite offerings to keep your systems running properly.

Quality Computer Choices

We believe in quality and have selected the best machines for you so you don't have to look around. We usually keep 2-3 models for each vendor ready to ship. If you need something custom built on a budget we can arrange that too. The best solution isn't the most expensive, it has to be right for the task at hand.

Phone Systems

With the increase in the quality of VoIP we have partnered with 2-3 vendors to save time & money. VoIP systems provide integration with email and CRM and give you crystal clear calls. There is no need to pay ISDN costs. We have implemented solutions resulting in savings of thousands of pounds. We will navigate what can be a difficult area on your behalf.

Internet & Telecoms

We regularly evaluate internet providers to find ones that give you - speed, low latency and excellent uptime. Whether you need simple email and browsing for 4 or support for several offices with 1000s of users we have the contacts and the know how to save you time and money. Recently we supplied leased lines to a UN agency at less than a 1/3 of the price of the previous provider.

Office Moves & Changes

We have successfully relocated many of our clients. It's a simple but tried and tested process to follow - trust us with your next move and we can show you how to plan for a simple and pain free move. In addition we can help you re-arrange staff to get the most out of your space, we'll handle the move from start to finish.

A complete IT service, ISO 9001 certified. Providing you with remote & onsite support as well as consultancy, expert advice and project management. Everything you need from an IT department at a fraction of the price and no compromise in quality. Call us now to discuss your requirements.

Some of our current and recent clients:


Pizza Hut
World Food Program
Changing Faces
Nubian Life
Our promise to you:
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Lower Costs
  • Fault Free IT
  • Security & Compliance
  • Expert Advice


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SpirIT UK provided my organisation with excellent support during a potentially difficult office move. I felt confident that they were addressing our key concerns throughout the process, allowing me to focus on other priorities.
2016 - Laura Parker, CEO CFAB

Saved by SpirIT UK
Literally. It was countdown to trialing exciting software on android tablets in rural Africa. 6 days left when we realised: Sony Xperia Z2 tablets (which the software is made for) are absolutely no where to be found and we need 25 of them. Quick. After hundred (actual number 26) of phone calls to different suppliers and vendors we are closed to giving up when SpirIT UK comes into the picture on a late Friday afternoon. The result? 25 Sony Xperia tablets delivered by noon the following Monday! How good is that?! Nobody else could do it, and they saved our project! Super happy with their efforts, support and their rapid delivery! I highly recommend SpirIT UK to anybody needing any hardware of any kind. These lots are brilliant.

 2016 - Astrid Hasund Thorseth, MSF UK/Doctors Without Borders

Outstanding support and customer service
SpirIT UK provide our organisation with consistently friendly, thorough and wide-ranging support. We always feel well looked after by SpirIT, and have fostered a close working relationship with their team. Wholeheartedly recommend.

2016 - James McMeekin, CFAB

A wonderful company that goes the extra mile for everyone......
From our initial contact with Spirit UK we knew they were the perfect fit. Their patience with the end user and the extra support given to us outside the remit of the contract has been invaluable to us over the last few years. They have supported our causes and developed the personal through the professional. They always go the extra mile. We highly recommend SpirIT UK

2015 - Andrea Lemard, Operations Manager Nubian Life Resource Centre 5 stars

They are a team of experienced, professional people who understand business's needs and and they offer the best solution and service which is available in the market according to your business's budget.

2015 - Ghazal Memarzadeh, BT

Great company, very knowledgable and a great ethos. Helped me resolve many difficult technical issues. Highly recommended -
2014 - Harnam Singh, Ford Motor Co. Project Manager.

A great company to work with!
Venus has worked closely with Spirit UK for the past year. We can see that they give first class support to their customers who are connected to the Venus network. They always strive to provide the best solution and they are also great people to work with.

2014 - Emma Blount

Provides complete IT solutions based on integrity, intelligence and understanding need.
A company you can trust to understand your specific needs to provide you with professional solutions that will deliver, save you money now and improve the infrastructure of your company. They are also very nice.

2014 - Tasnim Iqbal, GB

Great company to work with.
I've worked with SpirIT UK on multiple projects and they've always been very helpful with great communication. Always a pleasure working with them.

2013 - Tom Allen, FX Designs

Highly professional service that address business needs
I have worked with Spirit UK for several years for support as well as project and complex design related tasks. They have always been professional and able to support me across the spectrum of requirements that I have. In my industry it’s essential that I have prompt and accurate support as well as designs that are cost effective, comprehensive and easy to upgrade. This genuinely is a company that cares about service which is sadly quite rare to fine. I would like to especially recommend the SafeGuard IT support service which is flexible and acts as a preventative guard against failures. Highly recommended that you contact them - they really are very good.

2013 - Bal Rana, Business Development Manager, Freedom Hotspot.

Effective, speedy and a complete IT solution
Spirit UK, provided a complete bespoke IT solution from start to finish. They were on hand to deal with all of the IT problems providing solutions to security to upgrades and keeping data secure. A service on hand when we needed them, experts on hand providing expert service. A great help providing support to a NHS-AQP provided

2013 - Harpal S Chatwal. Clinical Analytical Psychotherapist

Excellent service from consummate professionals
I used SpitIT UK for tech support with an issue I had with my PC. They identified the issue quickly so I was up and running again in no time. Their depth of knowledge was excellent and from start to finish the level of service provided was faultless. I would certainly recommend them.

2013 - Emma Williams, Phoenix Training