The Importance of Managed IT Services for SMEs

Here we explore the benefits of Managed IT services for SMEs in more detail.

As an SME do you have the time and capabilities in-house to maintain and manage your IT infrastructure? If not this can be a real pain point for you and your business. However, there is a solution in the form of IT managed services, allowing you to outsource your IT requirements to a third-party provider. Sounds great, doesn’t it?!



You may think that outsourcing your IT needs would be a costly expense however it could actually help you to save not only money but also your time.

A managed service provider takes care of all your IT operations which means you no longer need to buy your own IT hardware. Additionally, you will also not require your own in-house IT team. If you take into consideration the time and resource it would take for you to source and employ your own IT Technicians, their individual salaries, equipment etc outsourcing could work out significantly cheaper.


Budget control

Most Managed Service Providers allow you to tailor a package to fit your business needs and pay for their services either monthly or annually, this means you are not only in control of exactly how much you are paying, but you can also budget accordingly and break this down into fixed monthly payments.

If you currently do not have your own IT team and are in a situation where you pay on-demand each time you need the advice or skills of an IT expert then this would most definitely be more cost-effective and also avoid unexpected bills thus helping you to keep control your budget.


Up-to-date IT expertise

To enable them to provide good customer service, most Managed Service providers will have access to the best technology and the most up to date software. This saves you needing to keep on top your IT infrastructure management, the latest software updates and can give you peace of mind, freeing you up to concentrate on your core line of business. A further advantage to this is that your network uptime with be optimised meaning minimal IT disruption to your Business.


Network Security

Unfortunately, SME’s are frequently the target of cyber criminals due to perceived IT security limitations. Having a Managed Service provider to take responsibility for your IT environment allows them to monitor and upgrade your software whenever necessary, keeping it as secure as possible and you worry-free.


Disaster Recovery

Having your data backed up is an absolute must for any business. You never know when your business may fall victim to cybercrime, natural disaster, hardware damage or even accidental deletion. Having your data with a third party supplier means not only is this safely backed up but also readily available should you need to retrieve any lost data.


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