SpirIT and PMD Solutions launches respiratory monitoring system

London based IT providers SpirIT UK and Irish software and Medical Device developers PMD
Solutions Ltd are working together to roll out a revolutionary respiratory device into hospitals in
Ireland and England.

Both organisations have been working around the clock to ensure the RespiraSense pilot sites were
successfully set up and hope to quickly launch into hospitals globally. So, what exactly is it and how
does it work?

RespiraSense is a continuous, accurate and discrete Respiratory Monitor that measures Respiratory
Rate by uniquely measuring the Mechanics of Respiration.
This versatile product utilises PMD’s novel Sensor Technology and comprises three main
components, a reusable Sensor, a Lobe and the RespiraSense Software Application.
Using the app, medical professionals can set alert thresholds and retrieve vital patient information
using the RespiraSense software on a tablet. To ensure that while using wireless technology that the
chain of custody between the patient’s information and their medical chart is secure, PMD has
created a scan to connect features. Scan to connect allows medical professionals to rename a lobe
from a complex ID to the patient’s own medical record number. This enables quick and efficient
retrieval of a single patient’s vital information with the confidence of knowing it’s the right
information from the right patient.

SpirIT UK used their technical expertise to build the back-end systems that will store critical patient
data and will provide technical support for all RespiraSense sites. For over 25 years, SpirIT has been
offering IT support and solutions to organisations with a large number of their clients being charities
and are focussed on delivering services with passion, honesty and integrity.
Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on societies globally. Accurate
monitoring of respiratory rates is key to managing the welfare of patients and by partnering
together, PMD Solutions and SpirIT UK can help medical professionals save lives. A great example of

If you would like more information on RespiraSense please contact PMD Solutions on 00 353 21 242
8760 (Ireland) or email: info@pmd-solutions.com

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